Easiest Way To Flash Upgrade downgrade Sony Xperia XA Single and Dual SIM F3111 F3112 F3113 F3115 F3116

This tutorial will help you to flash your Xperia XA easily. This also provides all the prerequisites that you need to flash

Flashing is an effort to unbrick a bricked smartphone. Both softbrick and hardbrick could be fixed by flashing. But, don't get it wrong! There are many methods of flashing which sometimes could be specified to fix only a problem. If your phone in bootloop condition, it doesn't mean your phone can always be fixed by factory reset method. Sometimes the phone need to be flashed because of system crashing that maybe caused by human error. 

As far as i know, flashing is not always using software. Sometimes, hardware also need to flashed. For example, if your phone is in bootloop condition that caused by damaged emmc. Damaged emmc cannot be fixed using software method but using hardware method could give a chance. You can use box flasher to flash directly to emmc. This hardware method usually applied by professional or experienced person because the risk is higher than software method.  For beginner out there, I really recommend you to apply software method because the risk is lower and sometimes free risk. If you got a problem, it is easy to fix. Also you only need a PC, USB cable, internet connection to download flash file and phone itself. 

So, in this post we're going to show you the easiest way to flash Sony Xperia XA. This method using flashtool software by androxyde. We try to explain step by step briefly. So, it can be understood and applied by beginner easily

Prerequisites to Flash Upgrade Downgrade Sony Xperia XA Single and Dual SIM F3111 F3112 F3113 F3115 F3116

Prepare and download tool and files below.

1. Prepare a PC with Windows and Linux operating system. Make sure your PC connected to the internet.

2. Prepare a USB cable. USB cable which came from the box would be better.

3. Download and install Sony Flashtool 0.9.23 version with the driver. Download flashtool here. If you don't know how to install flashtool and the driver, you can check the tutorial here. Make sure the driver installed correctly, if it wasn't you can try to install driver manually. If you don't know how to do it, you can check How To Install Sony Flashtool Manual Drivers - Easiest Steps

4. Download the firmware below. Just download one and make sure you choose the correct firmware for your Xperia.



F3112 Dual Sim






F3116 Dual Sim


5. If you want to download another firmware or specified firmware that you need. You can download Xperifirm. Download link and tutorial provided in this post's link Tutorial Download Firmware FTF di Xperifirm serta Cara Buat atau Bundiling FTF nya

6. Make sure the battery above 50%. If your Xperia's battery is dropped. You should flash it on 90% 

NB : 

Download all the files on your PC not on your smartphone

Make a backup if it is needed because flashing will erase all your user data and system.

The downloaded firmware must be moved to firmware folder in flashtool installation directory usually in C:\Users\Your_PC_NAME\.flashTool\firmwares

If you got it all. We're ready to flash to phone.

The Way to flash Upgrade Downgrade Sony Xperia XA Single and Dual SIM F3111 F3112 F3113 F3115 F3116

1. Open Sony Flashtool. When the first time you open it, flashtool will synchronize to the GitHub server. So. make sure you have internet connection. The time for synchronizing depends on your internet connection speed. You only need to synchronize flashtool on the first time. On the next time you want to flash another Xperia, you don't have to synchronize it. It means, no internet connection would be okay for flashing. Just wait for synchronizing.

2. Once flashtool opened, click on the thunder logo on the top left corner then choose flashmode.

3. Choose the firmware which already downloaded before. If the firmware doesn't appear, make sure that you already move it to folder "C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\.flashTool\firmwares". If it still doesn't appear, it means you didn't synchronize the flashtool correctly. Try to restart the flashtool.

4. If you phone is bootloop or softbrick, just tick all options in wipe sin box. If you just want to upgrade or downgrade and don't wan to lose your user data, don't tick the userdata option. But, ticking it all gives more succes rate. Then click flash.

5. Flashtool will prepare the firmware that will be flashed to the phone. Just wait until the pop up to connect Xperia shows up. Once it appears, connect your Xperia to PC using USB cable. Hold the volume down button then connect your phone.

6. Once it connected, the pop up will disappear, green light on Xperia will be turned on and flashing will be started automatically. if it doesn't, just try once again. If it won't flash or nothing happened on the screen, it means the driver wasn't installed correctly. Just check your driver installation process. Wait flashing process until "flashing finished" appears on the flashtool log. Unplug your USB and phone will start automatically.

So, that's it! If you have a problem with installation, flashing or any other things that relate to the tutorial above, you could comment it on the comment section. Don't forget to report if you got the dead link above. Thanks!